Vitafoods 2019 in Geneva


We would like to thank all customers, business partners and interested parties for the informative, mutually beneficial and promising discussions at our booth at the Vitafoods in Geneva.


Once again it has been shown that personal contacts are the basis for good relationship, in particular to common project and their implementation.


In short... the fair was a complete success!

We will see us next year on the Vitafoods in Geneva (12.-14.05.2020) on stand H200.

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Food Cup 2018

On 3 March 2018 the first Food Cup took place in the sports and multipurpose hall Wittenburg. Eleven member companies of Food Academy including the bmp production gmbh had registered for the indoor football tournament and played in a fair competition for the trophy. We were supported by many guests who cheered us loudly and so we succeeded after 6 exciting games in the final to win.

We like to thank the Food Academy for the organization, the company IMA for the sponsorship, and our staff for the great support.

It was a very successful day for the "best medical players" and we are looking forward to next year.

Entry of the Food Academy


Since June 2016 the bmp production gmbh is a member of the ‘Food Academy’


This association, which consists of several companies of the food industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, set itself the following goals:


  • Increasing the level of awareness for professions in the food industry to increase the number of applicants for apprenticeships and positions for lateral entrants.
  • Promoting perception of the food sector as a core industry of the state.
  • Promoting perception of our members as attractive providers of secure employment.
  • Enhancing the skills of employees by continuous training to increase the productivity of companies and to increase satisfaction of the employees by offering them advanced career paths
  • Enhancing the skills of apprentices through cooperation with professional schools to increase their effectiveness during work and to avoid abortion of apprenticeships.


To reach these goals we are taking concreate measures, whose effectiveness will be intensified with each new company participating.

Family Seal

In June 2016 we were awarded as ‘Family Friendly Employer’ by the business development and promotion section of the local district of Ludwigslust-Parchim.


We offer our employees more than a dozen benefits and are proud to receive recognition for it.

bmp production gmbh assigns nexXlog as general planners

The bmp, bulk medicines & pharmaceuticals production gmbh has assigned nexXlog GmbH from Schüttorf as the general planners for the restructuring and expansion of their production facilities in Parchim.


The growth of the business in the last few year caused the need for bmp to reevaluate their site in Parchim and take a complete restructuration and expansion of the production facilities and logistics areas into consideration. These measures will be necessary because the site’s infrastructure cannot keep up with the growth of the operations for much longer.


The ongoing project aims to double the capacities in all sectors of the company.


The production of the bmp production gmbh is subject to the strict rules of quality assurance for pharmaceuticals and active substances (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice). nexXlog sets itself the goal to organize production, logistics and their control according to these standards. Planning of consistent temperature and humidity control throughout all production areas, efficient use of overpressure areas and consideration of the high hygiene standards are just a few examples of the diverse requirements that define this task.


We aim to finalize this project by the end of 2018.